About us

Fitness Girl Apparel established itself as full authentic line sporting wear retailer that offers a wide array of sporting wear. Thanks to our devotion to providing quality products, we have enjoyed remarkable accomplishments since we introduced ourselves in this market.

At FitnessGirlApparel.com, we see to our best efforts to help women in their pursuit of excellence. Despite whatever they want, aiding professional to set records, achieve new Personal Record, run their first 5k or just lead a healthy lifestyle, we are there to help them by providing the right set of clothes for the occasion.

For this matter, we see to our best efforts that every product we offer is the combination of elegant styling and functionality. This gives our clients the performance technology they urge to perform with the style sense and proudly support. We bring such goals to life with creativity and a broad set of skills. We not only make you ready for success but make you look like you deserve it.

At FitnessGirlApparel.com, we understand that fitness is not only limit to the gym, it’s a lifestyle. To help you lead this lifestyle without a hitch, we carefully design and select each of our product to make sure they fit well in your changing world. Our clothing line is not only designed to help women get inspire to workout but also to remain comfortable and stylish while they are doing it.

We Pride ourselves with the fact that our garment fit well for the busy lifestyle women who support their workout wear long after leaving the gym.
When we first stepped into this business, it was quite a gutsy move. The Fitness market always remained a fickle one, but women didn’t drum on it for a long time. However, it was clearly a time for a change so we went along with it. Thanks to this, our brand prospered beyond our expectations, and we are looking forward to continuing that trend.

Our creativity and quality defined us, and it still does, we are not looking to change that. In fact, we are trying to improve our products and services wherever we can. We give female enthusiasm, and we show it by providing them something to wear with pride, not to mention something stylish yet comfortable.

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